Written – shot – presented & produced by NEIL McLEAN & GAI REID.

Boy have we been busy!!

This project is the most demanding, fulfilling and joyous thing we’ve ever done.

You can be part of this epic adventure. Learn from us then create your own.

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Gai & Neil  –  Porto Belago, Gold Coast Australia

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STEVE LYONS  –   Series Editor

Neil and Steve have known and respected each other’s work for several decades and are delighted to be working together again.  Steve freelanced for Neil while he was Director of News for the Prime Television Network.  The pair have also worked on several independent productions together.

Steve Lyons – Aslan Productions

Village to Villa productions is delighted to have secured the services of Australian-based cameraman/editor/producer Steve Lyons.  Steve is one of Australia’s most experienced operators and is principal of the highly regarded Aslan Productions.

With a background in in both still and video photography, he has shot and edited a string of award winning documentaries.  Ratings winner “Playground of the Australian Dream” for the Nine Network.  “Ghosts in the Forest” for Seven Network and “Trade not Aid” for Body Shop founder Anita Roddick also are career highlights.

Steve globetrotted for several years as cameraman for Nine’s “Today Show” travel segment. Steve Lyons brings a wealth of international experience to the Village to Villa project.


ALEX FITZWATER  – Series Editor

Gai worked with Alex at Network TEN and loved the collaboration and insight Alex brought to every project.  We feel very privileged to have him on the team of “Village to  Villa”. Alex grew up in a remote village in rural France so he experienced the “Living Like Locals” message in “Village to Villa”.

Alex Fitzwater – Needle Media

Being part of a family with a strong background in television –  amazing equipment was always  at his disposal!  The camera and edit suite enabled Alex to discover who he was and what he wanted to be – long before most of us have given it a thought.

His childhood attraction to storytelling has given him the ability to see and understand his surroundings at a much deeper level – a necessary skill for shaping stories for an audience.

Alex has dedicated a large part of his life to the visual mediums of television, documentary and film.

Needle Media (Brisbane)  – Director  Aug 2010 – present

Cutting Edge (Brisbane) – Freelance Editor  2006 – 2011, UK series “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” seasons  6 to 11.

Network TEN (Brisbane)  –  Editor  Aug 2010 – 2011, Documentary and Children’s TV programs

Fremantal Media –  Freelance Editor, 2006 – 2010,  Seasons 4 + 7 “Australian Idol”,  Season 4 “The Biggest Loser”, Season 2 “Masterchef”


STEWART RICHMOND – Executive Producer

Stewart Richmond and Neil are lifelong friends and have worked together over several decades on various television projects.

Stewart Richmond, Richmond Counsel

Stewart has held many of the most senior journalist positions and television executive roles in Australia and is recognized as a master of his trade.  Stewart’s leadership and guidance plays a vital role in the production of the Village to Villa series.

Our Executive Producer is perfectly placed on this program. He is permanently living like a local and living for less…in France. He and wife Lorraine and two dogs, have created a haven for themselves centered around a large, stylish farmhouse on a couple of developed acres close to town in Bellac.

Today’s technology allows Stewart to live like a local in rural France while carrying out his role as EP of “Village to Villa” living like locals.


DAVIDE VON PETERS   Support Partner –  Global Entertainment Productions.

Global Entertainment Productions played a pivotal role in the birth of Village to Villa.

Neil & Dave during early days of VtoV development

GEP head Davide von Peters had faith in our project and chose to support us. His support was the catalyst for Neil McLean and Gai Reid to have the courage to launch as an independent production.

GEP is a funding model to help, support, promote and fund projects in the Film, Television and Music. Its aim is to attract people from all areas of the entertainment industry including Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Distributors and Production Crews.

GEP also extends a special welcome to the everyday person…without whom there would be no audience for any of these productions.  There is a way for that everyday person to participate.  GEP has designed a system for the public to own a slice of the action via varying levels of membership.

link to Global Entertainment Productions